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Living for Zachary AED Donation Saved Mike’s Life


The month of June is a very important month for us at Living for Zachary. In case you don’t know, June is CPR & AED Awareness Month! A major part of our mission is equipping people with the AHA HeartSaver CPR/AED Certification and donating AEDs to youth based organizations. During these training classes we train people how to perform CPR and use an AED.

This month we would like to share Mike Reisinger’s story. Mike is a funny, charismatic, and caring individual. He currently serves on the Living for Zachary AED Committee and is an avid supporter of our organization.

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On December 7, 2011,  Mike was sitting in church when he began to feel weak. He was sitting next to his wife when he told her he wasn’t feeling well and then he collapsed. His wife immediately directed people to call 9-1-1 and another person to get an AED. There was a man with a medical background who moved Mike to an aisle so that he could begin CPR on him and used an AED. Mike’s life was saved by the fast actions of the people involved and because of the AED in the facility. Little did Mike know, Living for Zachary had donated the AED to St. Mark’s in 2009 that saved his life!

From the beginning, Living for Zachary believes in the importance of having quick access to an AED machine. We established an AED Donation Program to donate AEDs to youth based organizations in Texas. St. Mark Catholic Church was the first location to receive two AEDs donated by Living for Zachary.

Mike got a call from from Living for Zachary in January asking if he would like to share his story at the 2012 Living for Zachary HeartBeats Gala. Mike was so intrigued by the work that Living for Zachary was doing that he pulled Karen aside and asked how he could help. Mike was recertified as a CPR instructor so that he could help others learn lifesaving skills and teach the CPR classes that Living for Zachary provides.

We are so grateful for all of the time that Mike dedicates to Living for Zachary. “The work that Living for Zachary is doing in the community is critical. Raising awareness is important.” said Mike, “I am thankful for the AED that was donated to St. Mark that saved my life.”
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Mike goes above and beyond everyday in his community. “My favorite thing about volunteering is being able to help people!” said Mike. He spends a lot time volunteering with the AARP, church groups, Boy Scout Troops, and of course Living for Zachary. People like Mike inspire us to continue doing what we do here at Living for Zachary!