Cloud 9 Charities Makes Donation to Living for Zachary

How can nonprofits thrive and succeed? Well by the constant support that the community gives them! We are extremely grateful for organizations like Cloud 9 Charities Inc., who are constantly making an impact in our community! We recently were given a generous donation from Cloud 9 Charities to continue with our mission in their community.

Cloud 9 Charities Inc. was created by Kim Cloud in 2004 in North Texas. Kim saw the need the community around her constantly had and knew she wanted to help. From the beginning, Cloud 9 Charities, has raised over 2.6 million dollars, have hosted over 25 events and their volunteer community has increased tremendously. Kim didn’t stop there! Aside from Cloud 9, Kim decided to create Bedtime Rescue in December of 2012 after realizing the high number of homeless children registered in Lewisville, TX. This operation houses moms and kids who are in crisis and provides a safe living place for them. Cloud 9 Charities’ mission is:

“Cloud 9 Charities exists to help families, particularly women and children, who are less able to help themselves.”

So how do they do it? All of the members on their board are volunteers that get together and discuss where they can help out financially. They look for nonprofits around the area and discuss how they can help support that organization’s mission.

In July 2017, they reviewed the work that Living for Zachary has done and is currently doing in the community. Living for Zachary was selected as one of the nonprofits to be awarded a grant by Cloud 9 Charities. Their board heard more from Liz Thrailkill the many different ways that we raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest in youth. The Cloud 9 Charities board members also believe in the important work that our organization is doing in the community and this is why they chose to support our mission financially.

Thanks to their generous donation, we will be able to provide even more free youth heart screenings and AEDs in the community and help save young lives! Thank you for your support Cloud 9 Charities!