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Go Back Happy and Healthy!

Well, it’s that time of year again! Time to send your kids back to school! There are countless things on a parents to do list in the month of August to get their children prepared for the new school year. Back to school clothes shopping, purchase school supplies and schedule your child’s annual physical. It is SO important to make sure you are sending your children into the new school year with EVERYTHING they could possibly need. We probably even sometimes give them more than they need just for our own piece of mind! But today, Living for Zachary wanted to remind ALL parents that there is one very vital “to do” list item that often gets swept under the rug or forgotten about. While you are scheduling appointments and preparing for the upcoming school year, please remember to schedule an appointment to get your child’s heart screened!

Zachary Schrah was playing football with his teammates and friends, just like any other 16 year old when sudden cardiac arrest took his life. There were no warnings. There were no signs. Our hope is that our loss provides life for other children who have the access to one of our FREE heart screenings.

Zac football

Living for Zachary provided FREE heart screenings at various Walgreens locations in July. Check out the pictures below of some of the awesome kids we screened! The summer is not over…We have another FREE Living for Zachary heart screening on Saturday, August 13 at the Ring of Hope Boxing Club in The Colony.  Click here for registration details.



We hope you all had a happy summer and look forward to a heart healthy school year!